Action For A Cleaner and Leaner Construction industry, As Cutting-edge SMARTHUB Warehouse Opens In Hertfordshire Innovation Quarter.

Action For A Cleaner and Leaner Construction industry, As Cutting-edge SMARTHUB Warehouse Opens In Hertfordshire Innovation Quarter.

Hertfordshire company ready to take on the world with their war on waste as SMARTHUB launches taking construction logistics into a new era.

Focus Logistics, a forward thinking site logistics business, has launched a state-of-the-art SMARTHUB warehouse in their crusade to help make the industry cleaner, greener and more efficient on the ground.

SMARTHUB, based in Hertfordshire’s Innovation Quarter, is part of Focus Logistics’ push for a ‘circular system’ which reuses, shares, repairs, refurbishes, remanufactures as well as recycles to create a closed loop system, minimising the use of resource input and the creation of waste, pollution and emissions.

SMARTHUB stores, delivers, unpacks, recycles and saves. It will capture the material management process from source to installation holding materials bound for construction sites in one place until required on site as well as be a home for those deconstructed materials that need recycling and can be used by other local businesses that need them.

A logistical hub that pushes boundaries with technology and enables the construction industry to move materials, people, vehicles and waste around in a more efficient, safe, economical and environmentally friendly way, as well as procuring for the increase of modern methods of construction.
The brand new warehouse is less than 20 miles from central London, taking material management to the next level. Saving money, time & CO2 emissions by bringing a clean, capable and clever approach to the construction logistics world.

James Copperwait, CEO with Focus Logistics said: ‘SMARTTechnology and digital logistics is a new revolution in construction and this is where the first SMARTHUB fits in. Data and digital planning are integral to the success of a construction project and we can now carefully monitor performance on all levels of the construction process from source all the way to waste management.
We are starting to change attitudes and putting sustainability and safety at the forefront of what we do in construction. SMARTHUB is another achievement towards this objective. We are leading the pack in a forward-looking, greener way.’

Already Focus Logistics have initiated a number of moves to deal with disparities within construction logistics with initiatives like SMARTSegegrate. The simple yet effective introduction of colour coded wheelie bins turning waste into value and segregating an unprecedented 85% of waste at source whilst educating workers on the importance of re-cycling.

The company has over 70 construction projects under their belt and is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of all their working construction sites. They are currently looking at adopting a fleet of electric vehicles from the new SMARTHUB and have wider plans to launch more pioneering hubs to help tackle inefficiencies and improve on current methods of logistics & waste management.

**SMARTTHUB is already full to the brim after a month in operation; the company are on the hunt for their second hub.

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