Detect & Protect with Croft’s Thermal Imaging Solution

COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to businesses in every sector. For some, the lockdown was too damaging to survive, whereas others are suffering as they try to regain normality now that restrictions have eased.

If you’re one of the lucky ones still standing, now is a crucial time to safeguard the future of your business. What will the impact be on your business if you are forced to shut down yet again?


Take preventative measures against COVID

Safeguarding against the spread of COVID-19 is the best way to ensure business continuity, so you can keep trading as we proceed into the ‘new normal’. To stay afloat, it makes sense to take all the precautions you can to protect against transmission of the virus.

Some ‘COVID-safe’ measures, such as restricting customer numbers, may impact on your income in the short term, but the alternative could be even more costly for your business. For example, a test and trace procedure could force your business to lockdown for two more weeks.

Croft’s Thermal Imaging Solution is a preventative measure worth investing in. It’ll help boost confidence in your business by reassuring staff, customers and visitors that you’re serious about their safety. And crucially, it will reduce the risk of an outbreak affecting your bottom line. The technology provides a contactless way to instantly detect elevated temperatures (a key symptom of the coronavirus) in people entering your premises. It lets you screen for this often-unnoticed symptom, so you can act swiftly to prevent the spread of the virus.

How our thermal imaging solution works

Defined as a body temperature of 38C or above, a fever can be one of the first symptoms of COVID-19. But it can easily go unnoticed in COVID carriers, allowing the coronavirus to spread unchecked.

Croft’s thermal imaging solution can instantly identify anyone entering your building with a fever. It’s a tool that helps nip the spread of coronavirus in the bud, allowing you to isolate potential COVID carriers before the virus can be passed on to others.

  • Contact-free temperature checks eliminate the invasiveness involved in manual temperature testing.
  • Multi-person fever detection means you can check multiple people instantaneously – so there’s no need for queues or delays.
  • Instant alerts allow you to quickly know when an elevated temperature is detected.
  • Flexible layout means you can set it up to monitor multiple entrances at once.
  • Secure data storage and encryption means that your visitors’ personal data is kept safe in the Cloud, but can be accessed for test and trace purposes.

It’s easy to set up, and there’s no big upfront or installation cost – instead you pay a monthly sum and we take care of everything.

An insurance policy against infection

Like an insurance policy, investing in preventative measures against COVID is all about weighing up the relative risks. The key question to ask when deciding on a COVID-secure strategy is: What is it worth to keep my business open and operating normally?

One option is to wait and carry on as normal, without spending cash on additional protection. This can be tempting in the short term, but what might happen if you unwittingly allow a COVID carrier to enter your office, shop or restaurant? The cost of taking the risk – and potentially facing the shutting down of your business – may just be too high to entertain.

Let us know if we can help! Get back to business in the most safe and efficient way possible by seeking expert advice from the team at Croft.

Mark Bramley, CEO at Croft Communications

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