Mobilise and protect your business with Croft Communications

By mobilising your business, you can reduce overhead, become more flexible and establish business continuity protocols to see you through any crisis. If you haven’t already done so, now’s a great time to set up a professional remote workforce, and at Croft Communications, we have the expertise and solutions to ensure that your setup is truly secure and resilient.


Why enable remote working?

Mobilising your business gives you options. For some, it may mean becoming an entirely remote organisation, with everyone logging in from home. For most companies, however, the ability to work remotely allows for extra flexibility without doing away with a central office entirely, so you can enable your business to function in the most efficient way that works for you.

Establishing a mobile workforce needs to be approached with care, ensuring that you maintain the same high standards and productivity wherever your staff happen to be based. Armed with the right solutions, you’re guaranteed to reap the benefits.

Protect your staff and look after your business

With COVID-19 still affecting the way we work, it makes sense to protect your employees by enabling remote working and reducing physical team meetings wherever possible. But with a remote workforce, it also becomes vital to protect your business against potential cyber security threats.

Employees using their own personal devices on a home broadband network introduces vulnerabilities that could put your data at risk. Croft can help you to set up a system that keeps your sensitive information safe, utilising Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools to remotely access any lost or stolen devices and remove and wipe any sensitive data for example.

How it could work for you

Using Cloud-based technology means there’s no longer any need to commute to work in a physical location or use specific machines for particular tasks. Instead, you can liberate your workforce and enable them to work from anywhere, in any way, at any time, on any device.

Better connectivity will help you maintain productivity and reduce the frustration of slow home broadband or outages. Ensure that all staff have access to a reliable, fast, uncontended connection with a centrally managed broadband service from Croft. Importantly, you’ll know that your business connection is secure, so you’re not vulnerable to data breaches.

Regular meetings are vital for team collaboration and camaraderie. Croft can help you set up your telecoms equipment to enable conferencing tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams – so everyone gets the same level of face-to-face contact… just at a distance.

Excellent customer service is a must – but it’s easy to achieve. You’ll need to provide access to business mobiles , and set up phone systems so that staff can make and receive calls from their central office number, on any device. Once the system is up and running, you can be present and responsive at all times, answering calls and emails promptly and efficiently. During times of crisis – such as a local lockdown, for example – your services remain unaffected, as staff can handle calls from home.

What if remote working isn’t an option?

While many jobs can be carried out just as well from home, there are some business situations that simply cannot be handled remotely. If you’re running a business from a physical location, you can act to protect your staff, customers and visitors from the risks posed by COVID-19 with Croft’s Thermal Imaging Solution .

Removing the need for manual, unreliable checks, the system works in real-time, screening and tracking the temperature of those entering your premises. Receive instant alerts when temperature thresholds are exceeded and view an audit trail of all visitors and temperature data via the Cloud – at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Let us know if we can help! Mobilise and protect your business by seeking expert advice from the team at Croft.

Mark Bramley, CEO at Croft Communications 
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